Truman Readers Award Nominees


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           City of Ghosts                          Deep Water                           Fire & Heist                          Ghost Boys
     By Victoria Schwab                     By Watt Key                     By Sarah Beth Durst        By Jewell Parker Rhodes
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               Impostors                            Lifeboat 12                                Mascot                             Nightbooks
     By Scott Westerfeld                  By Susan Hood                      By Antony John                    By J.A. White
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         Not If I Save You First                              Skyward                     The Benefits of Being an Octopus    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl
           By Ally Carter                 By Brandon Sanderson                  By Ann Braden                      By Stacy McAnulty

About the Truman Award

The winner of the annual Truman Readers Award is selected by students in grades six through eight.

The Truman Readers Award encourages students in the early teen years to express their unique voice through exploring new literary genres, communicating with their peers about young adult literature, and honoring authors writing for young teens.


If you would like to submit a book, follow the rules below from the Truman Award site.


Guidelines for Choosing Books

  1. Books should interest early teens in grades six through eight.

  2. Books should be written by an author living in the United States.

  3. Books should be of literary value which may enrich early teens' personal lives.

  4. Books should be published two years prior to nomination on a Master List of 12 nominees.

  5. Some consideration should be given to genre diversity, gender representation, range of reading level, racial diversity, and diversity of social, political, economic, and religious viewpoints.


  • Students must have read 4 of the nominee books to be eligible to vote.

  • Voting will occur early in March.

  • An online voting link will be provided on the MASL website for the librarian to submit votes for the entire student body.

Truman Readers Award Preliminary Nominees 2021-2022

truman 22 pre 1.PNG
         The Crossover                         The Line Tender                The Lovely and the Lost                       Verify 
   By Kwame Alexander                 By Kate Allen                    By Jennifer Lynn Barnes           By Joell Charbonneau
truman 22 pre 2.PNG
    The Remarkable Journey         The Last Equation                             Rated                                   Skyjacked
         of Coyote Sunrise                 By Charlie Thorne                     By Melissa Grey                    by Paul Griffin
       By Dan Gemeinhart
truman 22 pre 3.PNG
       The Lonely Dead              Redwood and Ponytail                  The Unteachables       It's the End of the World as I Know It
        By April Henry                     By K.A. Holt                          By Gordon Korman                By Matthew Landis
truman 22 pre 5.PNG
          Right As Rain                           Tiger Queen                     Other Words for Home           Genesis Begins Again
     By Lindsey Stoddard                By Annie Sullivan                   By Jasmine Warga              By Alicia D. Williams
truman 22 pre 4.PNG
          The Bone Houses              For Black Girls Like Me                  Free Lunch                  To Night Owl From Dogfish
     By Emily Lloyd Jones         By Mariama J. Lockington               By Rex Ogle                   By Holly Goldberg Sloan                                                                                                                                                             and Meg Wolitzer
truman 22 pre 6.PNG
               White Rose
            By Kip Wilson

MASL Book Trailer Contest (not all of the Truman Readers Award Preliminary Nominees 2021-2022 are eligible, but the finalists will be from that list)

2021 Book Trailer Poster PDF


Full guidelines are included below and are included in this document: MASL Readers Awards Book Trailer Contest Guidelines

  1. Book trailer must represent a Mark Twain, Truman, or Gateway nominee for the 2020- 2021 year. Final Nominees

  2. Entries must be original work completed by students.

  3. Book title and author must be present in the trailer.

  4. Book trailers may not be longer than 1 minute 30 seconds (1 minute length is preferred).

  5. Book trailer should include the book’s cover (please use an original photograph of the book’s cover).

  6. All used images that are not self created must be copyright free/creative commons/royalty free, etc. and proper citation of the image source must be appropriately cited and clearly visible at the end of the book trailer.

  7. All used music that is not self created must be in the public domain ( may be a good place to start).  Music that comes with a movie-making program such as iMovie, Photo Story, or Windows Live Movie Maker may be used.  The end credits must include where music originated and the reason it is free to use (example: Song A performed by Band B was sourced from the free music in Photo Story).

  8. Use of copyrighted materials without documented approval from copyright holder will cause disqualification.  This contest does not fall under educational fair use exemptions.

  9. Each student participating in the contest must submit this signed release form: Book Trailer Release Form.  All submitted trailers become the property of MASL.  The release forms should be uploaded into your Google Drive and shared via link onto the Google Form: Book Trailer Contest Submission Form

  10. Videos are scored using a Scoring Rubric

  11. Failure to follow these guidelines in full will result in disqualification.

  12. All winning videos must be provided to the book trailer coordinator as a video file (.mp4, .mov, etc.) via Google Drive to be posted on the MASL website. Links are not acceptable as these can become inactive when students graduate. Please keep this in mind when finalizing videos.

For more information, please contact the Book Trailer Contest Coordinator at

Citing Images

Please show this video to students interested in participating. This video covers appropriate image citation in your videos, which must be included in all videos submitted.  

Video Creation Tools

The following is a listing of tools that may be helpful to students, librarians, and teachers interested in participating in the Book Trailer Contest. Any of the following may be used to create book trailers; some are online tools and others may require installation on a Mac and/or PC.

If you have any video tools you would like to share, please email the Book Trailer Contest Coordinator at and they will be added to the list!