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This page, and the subpages you will find if you hover over the "For Teachers" tab, are full of great ideas for your students and classrooms.  I know some use some of these already.  If you are new to them or you use them and want to try something different to make them better, I would be more than happy to collaborate with you!  I have used many of these as project choices in the classroom as well as in the library.  

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More Canvas Tutorial Videos!

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Let's Work Together!

Below are several great ideas that can used in the classroom!  I would love the opportunity to work on lesson plans regarding any of these ideas for you, your classroom and  your students!

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Coming Soon!

                                                            Wakelet                            Quizizz                                            

tutorial Videos from I. Read

Feel free to use I. Read Tutorials to quickly learn the basics of apps such as:

                                                  LucidPress               Adobe Spark

                                                  Canva                        Powtoons

                                                  Wix Websites          Google Sites

                                                  Storyboard That    and more!

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Mrs. Simond's Symbaloo

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